Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Araiso Onsen "Araiso-kan" (Hot spring)

Araiso Onsen "Araiso-kan"
(Hot spring & Hotel)

Hotel Araiso-kan is located next to the Sea of Japan and has a clean and wide spa facing the sea. Some rooms also have a hot spring bath on the terrace. The hotel recommends a fresh seafood lunch or dinner. Karaoto Daffodils Park is also nearby.

Daytrip bath; 11:00 14:00
Fee of public bath: 600yen (It varies seasonally)
Fee of a private bath : 3,150yen (for 45mins)
I am sorry, people who have tattoos are not allowed to the public bath. Please use the private one.

Daytrip stay in a room with a lunch and spa
(more than 4 people are available)
Time :11:00 ~ 14:00
Room type:  Ocean View
Price : 7,000yen (+tax)/person

Address: Nishi-hirahara, Masuda-shi, Shimane, 699-3506
TEL:0856-27-0811  FAX:0856-27-1037

Access;  http://araisokan.com/access/#acc_maps


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