Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Enjoy the winter at an old mansion, Hori Residence in Tsuwano



Date & Time; February 7 (SUN) 10:30 14:00

Place: Hori Residence (Hori Garden)

Admission: 1200 yen (General)

           300 yen (ES student)


Activity program:

1. Mochi-tsuki (Pounding mocha in the traditional way)

    Mochitsuki will be done four times: 11:00  11:30  12:00   12:30


2. Toast pieces of mochi over a hibachi(charcoal brazier) and eat zenzai (sweet red-bean soup)


3. Make dry and frozen mochi


4. Take Ashiyu (foot bath)
If you worry about the language matter, don't worry, we are local guide-interpreters.
Check our profiles and hire one!




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