Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year's ceremony of Sake brewers in Tsuwano

Sakagura-biraki Ceremony in Tsuwano

 Sake brewers celebrate the New Year’s start of their business. It is called Sakagura Biraki, a literal meaning is ‘Opening a sake storage’. Three brewers in Tsuwano will have a sake & food event at Tonomachi Street in the heart of Tsuwano Town.

We hope you enjoy sake, local food and watching paintings called Tsuwano Hyakkeizu.

Date: February 6th (SAT) 

10:00          Ceremony at Furuhashi Shuzo ( brewer)

10:0015:00   Amazake(sweet mild sake) and cakes will be served to visitors  at  Furuhashi Shuzo and Kasen Shuzo on Tonomachi Street

11:3013:00  Special assorted lunch of local foods will be served at Tsuwano Chomin Center (price:2000yen per person, booking is required, only for 20 people)

13:0014:00            〃                     〃

11:0015:00  Hagoita (battledore game) at Tsuwano-town Japan Heritage Center


Inquiry : Tourism Department of  the Town of Tsuwano ' (0856-72-0652)

                Tsuwano Tourist Information Center (0856-71-1771)


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