Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Setsubun Cerremony is held on February 3

Taikodani-inari Shrine, Tsuwano Town

On February 3, Taikodani-inrai Shrine in Tsuwano Town and Kakinomoto Shrine in Masuda City are going to hold Setsubun Ceremony. The literal meaning of Setsubun is “seasonal division” and is the day before Risshun, (start of spring day).

 Some shrines hold the special ritual to cleanse away all the evil which appear on Setsubun day in order to welcome a god of fortune.


Taikodani-inari Shrine (Tsuwano Town)

10:00 Mamemaki (bean scattering)

Kakinomoto Shrine (Masuda City)

11:00 ~、15:30~ Mamemaki (bean scattering)

10:00 21:00  Iwami Kagura (a ritual performing art in this region)

Manyo Park facebook page "Setsubun ceremony in 2014 "


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