Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reiko (Regional Licenced Guide-Interpreter)


 I am Reiko, an editor of this blog and a secretariat of Round Takatsu River Tourism Promotion Council, which promotes inbound tourism to this area. My goal is to assist foreign tourists to meet local guides who have deep knowledge about this region and hospitality to attend  tourists to take part in our traditional experiences.

I am also a devoted guide who have 10 years experience. It might be nice to walk on a traditional street and drop in at a Sake shop for a shot. It is also fun to enjoy the view from the hill-top  of  Tsuwano mountain castle ruins.

If you like to walk in the nature, shall we visit gorges and ravines in Hikimi town in Masuda City?   In Hikimi town, I have planted some wasabi plants in a clean stream in a deep mountain. If you like, shall we pull them up?

In winter, we can visit a lage daffodil field of more than 2 million daffodil plants near the rocky coast of the Sea of Japan. In spring, we can visit the great long-lived cherry trees in mountains.  Shall we visit to see these flowers?

If you can stay in Masuda City in Saturday evening, shall we watch the peculiar local performance called Iwami Kagura ?  Iwami Kagura is regularly on stage on Saturday. 

I live in the heart of Masuda City, so I am easy to visit any spots in this area.
I play the Shinobue ( a simple flute made of bamboo) and  keep practicing Nho chanting (called Yo-kyoku or Utai) . I love to dance the ballroom dancing.  You shouldn't like to see my dancing and hear my chanting, though.....

I hope we, you and our guides, will have a precious time for both of us in this local area.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!



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